Arterial Blockages

Arteries are blood vessels that supply the body with oxygen, extending from the heart to the furthest extremities. The interior of a normal artery is smooth, creating resistance-free flow across the entire circulatory system. Some individuals may develop arterial blockages, or arteries that become clogged by buildup of plaque. This substance is a mix of compounds that are normally filtered out of the body, such as cholesterol, fats, and cellular waste. When this plaque begins to stick to the walls of our blood vessels or to each other, they can create blockages that cause serious issues like atherosclerosis, coronary artery disease, transient ischemic attacks, and others. Sometimes the symptoms go unnoticed until a major health crisis occurs, like a stroke or heart attack.

The images below are from scans of a 76-year-old female patient that presented with restricted blood flow to her left arm. Her symptoms included pain, stiffness, dark blue fingertips, and a lack of pulse at the radial artery. An ultrasound revealed significantly diminished arterial flow, and the patient was admitted immediately. In our imaging lab, we performed an arteriogram that showed severe blockage. Physicians treated her condition with a balloon expanding stent, which relieved symptoms immediately and the patient returned home later that day.

At Southern Vascular Center of Panama City, we provide quality care, diagnostics, and treatment for a wide variety of vascular conditions, including arterial blockages. If you have a history of arterial blockages or other vascular diseases, talk with your primary care physician about screening and testing procedures to monitor your condition. We have five locations on the Emerald Coast, with board-certified surgeons providing superior treatment across the board. Schedule your appointment online or call our office at (850) 532-6303.

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The Southern Vascular Center of Panama City has five locations on the Emerald Coast with board-certified surgeons and experienced medical staff to provide superior, comprehensive vascular treatment for patients across the state.

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