Intestinal Ischemic Syndrome

The Southern Vascular Center of Panama City has four locations on the Emerald Coast with board-certified surgeons and experienced medical staff to provide superior, comprehensive vascular treatment for patients across the state. We believe in top-quality patient care, driven by results. With innovative procedures and state-of-the-art technology, we have been helping patients find relief from their vascular conditions like atherosclerosis, carotid disease, deep vein thrombosis, varicose veins, ulcers, and more.

The images below are scans from a patient that came to us experiencing gastric distress with severe abdominal pain, rapid weight-loss, and an inability to keep food down. Their condition had been escalating for several months, with the patient having already lost 50 pounds since the symptoms began. The weight-loss alone is alarming, as most individuals who are participating in regular exercise and a healthy diet should only expect a loss of 4-8 pounds per month.

We provided a vascular surgery consult, where we were able to perform an emergency abdominal ultrasound and computer tomography angiography, or a CTA. The test revealed near total occlusion, or blockage, of the superior mesenteric artery and celiac artery. These two major abdominal vessels supply oxygen and blood-flow to the digestive tract and other important organs, such as the liver, spleen, and pancreas. A total blockage results in intestinal ischemic syndrome, which can be life-threatening in severe cases. After diagnostics, the patient was quickly transferred to the Cath Lab where the arteries in question were reopened via angioplasty and insertion of a mesh stent. After the procedure, the patient’s blood-flow returned to normal. Following a short recovery time, the patient was released and has since made a full recovery. At Southern Vascular Center of Panama City, we take pride in providing top-quality patient care, accurate diagnostics, and fast treatment of vascular conditions, including intestinal ischemic syndrome. If you or someone you know has been experiencing abdominal pain, infrequent bowel movements, distention, bloody or black stools, unintended weight-loss, or other symptoms related to intestinal ischemic syndrome, seek medical care immediately as this condition can be life-threatening. Your arteries and blood vessels help to fuel your body and keep everything working properly, but when blockages occur the risk for serious complications rises significantly. To receive the best, most comprehensive vascular and wound care, turn to the team at Southern Vascular Center of Panama City. Schedule an appointment online or in-person today!

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